Security Guard Training

As a security guard, it is your duty to protect people and property. Gain job ready skills and become a licensed security guard in Ontario with our online training

Why Become a Licensed Security Guard?

As a security guard you are responsible for the safety of people, property and information. As someone in uniform, people will look to you for help if they become victims of a crime, are lost, require medical assistance or have other questions. By obtaining your security guard license you will have access to numerous jobs only available to those with a security license. Most security positions do not involve making arrests or getting physically involved. There are numerous positions that are customer service based. For those in school or have other commitments at home, as a security guard you can pick your shifts based on when you are available. Or you can work full time at a permanent site. Most positions start between $14-$16/hour. However depending on the site and as you gain experience, you can make up to $20/hour or more if hired in-house or protecting a VIP.

Why Train With Ontario Security Hub?

We have worked in the security industry as a security guard ourselves and know what it is like getting started. We aim to be your trusted source in becoming a security guard in Ontario and our goal is to help you become job ready.

What Our Students Have to Say

Eric (Student, September 2018): "The course at Ontario Security Hub was well organized and did a great job at prepping me to start working in the industry. It also helped me achieve a 93% on my exam."

Lucy (Student, July 2018): "Having my security training with Ontario Security Hub was an awesome experience, it was a time of intense training and studying all about security guard online, at a low cost. The study pack was full of videos of how a security guard should operate and quizzes to prepare you for the license test. I like the flexibility and the fact that it was done from the comfort of my home."

Rhonda (Student, June 2019): "Ontario Security Hub provided me with the tools and support that I needed to take the Security Guard test when I needed it the most. The process for signing up was quick and easy. The information was the right mix of video and documents. The support team was always quick and friendly with their replies when I had questions. They provide you with the foundation to succeed. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wanted to get their Security Guard license."

Become Job Ready

  • Online training allows you to complete the training on your own schedule
  • Over 80 video lessons and real world examples to help you become job ready
  • Resources from trusted authorities on tactical communication, emotional intelligence, use of force theory and much more
  • Special discounts for our students to obtain the required Emergency First Aid training


Online Security Guard Training (No First Aid Training): $119 CAD +HST

Online Security Guard Training And Emergency First Aid*: $199 CAD +HST

*first aid training only available in Windsor, Sault Ste. Marie, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, and the GTA

Pass the Ministry Test

  • Over 110 quiz questions and assignments for each section to prepare you for your Ministry test
  • Access to sample test questions to prepare you further
  • Direct access to the instructors for any questions
  • If you do not pass the Ministry test for any reason you can take the course again for free
  • Take as long as you need to complete the course. No time limits on course access

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