Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some common questions:

I would like to have alarm response for my alarm system,
what is the difference between security guard response
and police response?

Having a security company respond to your alarm system can be very beneficial in many ways. Often the cost of the response is inexpensive compared to police agencies, who charge a higher rate per false alarms. We also can provide keyholding services, and when dispatched to an alarm, we can then do a full interior & exterior patrol of premises. Police agencies cannot do this due to insurance regulations. It is possible for both police & security to respond as well. Insurance companies often offer discounts for customers with alarm systems and response.

What is the benefit of a
mobile patrol compared
to stationary guard patrol?

Mobile patrols are a cost-efficient choice for security. During a mobile patrol, the guard will attend and check your premises according to what you choose to have done on the patrol. Then the guard will record any findings and then leave the site. If there is a problem the guard would then call the appropriate authorities. Having a stationary guard at a property is good if you require constant coverage, however, is much more costly than a mobile patrol. Each situation is different if you are unsure of what you require to give us a call, and we will give you the best choice for your needs.

Do I have to sign up for
a long term contract or do
I have a choice for month
to month?

We allow all of our clients to choose what setup they would like. We do however offer discounted prices for clients who sign up for long term service contracts. We can do monthly, per-patrol, and the long term.

What is a vacation house

A vacation patrol can be very beneficial if you are going away and looking to make sure your property is looked after. We can conduct random patrols of your property, interior or exterior. We can also respond to any alarms, enter in and water plants, collect mail, send mail, flush toilets, turn on/off lights, and check for any problems throughout your property. Many insurance companies offer a discount on your insurance if you have security patrols.

Is the electronic guard
tour system included
with all your services?

Yes. We can provide this to any potential client, and is included in the price, and you can also opt to not have it if you do not require this service. This is one of the benefits of our service over the other companies.